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parents couplet of calligraphy the female adopts the lowbrow attitude that the democracy open, making me face the change of the modern society and pounding at, can have the contingency ability of the flexibility and reasonableness.Father was the air force's soldier before, he looked forward to the life in the soldier very much, together working hard with the classmates hard, realizing various tastes of the sweat.So I am very small and then is instilled the military school by him to get some intravenous drop drop.Father also will speak some truths to hear for us, letting us face the future of ignorance, can have a vigilance and rest assured mood to face.



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BabyCat 你可以幫我翻翻看嗎@@?

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    我看了你的幾篇知識後, 推測你是要寫自傳?

    My parents treated their kids in an open and democratic manner. This has helped me to sensibly and flexibly handle the impact from the transition of our modern society. My father used to be a soldier in the air force, and he could not forget the time spent with the comrades. Therefore, I was told about the life in military school when I was young. My father's principles and lessons about life has prepared me to face the unknown future with vigilance and confidence.

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    跟你說 網路翻譯軟體真的不能用,單字大概都OK,但文句就是沒一句是通的

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