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    I dream of

    Dream of perhaps is a kind of perfect target to the person;Dream of perhaps is a kind of ruthlessness target to the person.And my dream is a brains that has to have already been filled with intelligence to me and have to also have a heart of angel sort to treat all patients;My dream wants to be a doctor.

    Although this dream wants very hard, studying for making great effort, the everyone's successful back certainly has hard process."Beautiful scenery if can't let the person get consolation, it has no meaning";Like:"Have on the whole many pains again if can't let the person approve, is labor in vain", so don't consider as what hard, wanting the own dream is perfect but isn't ruthlessness, even needing the other people's approbation.

    "Health oneself is a pleased and happy and contented source", so I want being a doctor lets the owner all own healthy body, let the in an interesting condition happy and contented feeling of their minds.

    If the life wants meaningfully, will put into to love other people, devotion to be concerned with your whole persons, devotions to create some let you live have a purpose, meaningful thing.Everyone should to heart in of perfect dream creation, not aimless white in the white wasted life.


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