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現在雷雨交加, 打雷的聲音讓 我好害怕.請幫我翻英文

現在雷雨交加, 打雷的聲音讓 我好害怕.這個時候我就想要有人陪在身邊,為什麼每當我需要幫助的時候身邊永遠都不是男友,甚至只有自己孤單一個?所以我才會認為愛情難找尋感覺好遙遠.,家人與朋友才是最靠近身邊的.


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  • Danny
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    現在雷雨交加, 打雷的聲音讓 我好害怕.這個時候我就想要有人陪在身邊,為什麼每當我需要幫助的時候身邊永遠都不是男友,甚至只有自己孤單一個?所以我才會認為愛情難找尋感覺好遙遠.,家人與朋友才是最靠近身邊的.

    The rain-storm is pouring.The horrible thunder scares me. At this specific moment,I need someone to keep me company.I wonder why my boyfriend is alwyas not there whenever i need him most. Therefore,I think that love is so distant and hard to find. Only your family and friends always stand by you.

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  • Celine
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    It's thunder raining now, which make me feel very scared.

    How I wish, at this right moment, there is someone just by my side.

    Why is there somebody else to keep my company when I am in most

    need of help?? Or even by myself alone??

    That's why I feel it's so far away that I cannot feel that love exists

    in my life. Only family and friends are real, they are always by my

    side to give me support.

  • 現在雷雨交加

    Now the thunderstorm occurs simultaneously


    Thunders sound

    讓 我好害怕

    Let me good be afraid


    At this time I want some people to accompany in the side


    Whenever why I do need to help the time side forever is not a boyfriend


    Even only then lonely?


    Therefore I only will then think that love difficult to pursue feels well remote


    The family member and the friend are most approach the side.

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