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(1)PTFE seal

PTFE rotary shaft seals extend the boundaries imposed by elastomer radial shaft seal, utilizing advanced materials and design techniques to provide optimum sealing performance for each application. The outcome is a superior sealing solution which retains a compact seal envelope.

Standard elastomeric rotary shaft seals have a limited application range with respect to temperature, surface speed, media compatibility, pressure or a combination of these due to the inherent limitations of the various elastomer grades.

Furthermore they only have a limited suitability for applications with inadequate lubrication.

(2)Unitized oil seal

A unitized oil seal is provided with axially extending and radially protruding elastomeric ribs for preventing rotation of one of the oil seal members about a shaft or within a bore. The ribs are designed to reduce installation forces and thereby reduce seal damage due to excessive deformation during installation.


A metallic gasket including: an elastic metal base plate having a circular bead surrounding a combustion chamber hole, and a compensating portion provided on the inner edge part of the base plate so as to directly surround this hole. The spring constant of the bead increases as the distance from the fastening bolts increases to allow uniform sealing pressure. The thickness of the compensating portion gradually increases as the distance from the fastening bolt increases.

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    ( 1 )聚四氟乙烯密封




    ( 2 )組合式油封


    ( 3 )墊片


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