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國內學術與研究機構在室內空氣品質相關議題方面,偏重於建築物室內空氣品質與勞工作業暴露環境之探討,對佔據生活時間6 %的通勤環境卻較少著墨,但其潛在的負面影響卻遠比人們想像的深入複雜。國外研究近來針對交通工具內微環境通勤乘客之濃度暴露程度已有相當進展;尤其是與台灣同樣人口稠密之香港,在相關領域之研究確有值得借鏡之處。




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    When it comes to indoor air quality and the concerning issues,

    domestic academic and research institutions are focusing more on

    the study of indoor air quality and labours' exposure to working

    environment than the commuting environment taking 6% of our living

    time. However, the latter's negative influences are far more complex

    than we can imagine. The foreign studies on commuters' exposure to

    transportation's micro-environment have had a great development these

    days. In the related studies,Hong-Kong which is densely populated as

    Taiwan has some great examples we can definitely learn from.

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    The environment of commuting of % carries the brush a little to work valuing the quality of the indoor air of the building in the district of the agenda that is the relation of the quality of the air in the room with the worker, the exposure of the search for the environment, and the occupation of six at the time of life of domestic science and the research mechanism, and the potential minus influence thrusts much more deeply than people imagine it and is complex. Recently, the research of foreign countries : to the density of the passenger of commuting of a small environment in transportation. It was already in confronting, the exposure of extent, and the considerable progress;Especially, a similar population of Taiwan is certainly and is worth the place of the reference with the research in overcrowded Hong Kong and the area that is the relation.


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