cash vs cash nexus vs money


CASH和CASH NEXUS在英文中有什麼不同的意思//用法?




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    "Cash Nexus" is very tightly connected with money, but it isn't "money"

    nexus >> noun, from the Latin verb 'to bind'

    "Cash Nexus":

    Essayist and social critic Thomas Carlyle originally uses this term in his essay Chartism (1839), which takes the "Condition of England" -- and of England's working class -- as its subject. Carlyle describes the loss of a meaningful relationship between masters and men, between upper and lower classes.

    Carlyle recalls a feudal period in which "the old Aristocracy were the governors of the Lower Classes, the guides of the Lower Classes; and even, at bottom, that they existed as an Aristocracy because they were found adequate for that. Not by Charity-Balls and Soup-Kitchens; not so; far otherwise! But it was their happiness that in struggling for their own objects, they had to govern the Lower Classes, even in this sense of governing. For, in one word, Cash Payment had not then grown to be the universal sole nexus of man to man; it was something other than money that the high then expected from the low, and could not live without getting from the low. Not as buyer and seller alone, of land or what else it might be, but in many senses still as soldier and captain, as clansman and head, as loyal subject and guiding king, was the low related to the high. With the supreme triumph of Cash, a changed time has entered; there must a changed Aristocracy enter. We invite the British reader to meditate earnestly on these things" (193-194).


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    那.... CASH NEXUS究竟是什麼


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