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I'm a high school senior who's applying this year. Yale, Northwestern, Cornell(College of Arts and Sciences/School of Hotel Administration), Columbia, and Georgetown are all my dream schools. Since I'm starting the application already, and most of these schools ask about "What in particular about (school name) has influenced your decision to apply?" or "In what ways do you hope to take advantage of the qualities you have identified/ programs provided?", I'm wondering if there's anyone specifically familiar with any of the schools and can provide some information about those schools different from or more than those i can find on the Internet/brochures. Anything will be much appreciated!

Also, if there are some generic advice you'd like to provide on writing the essays or the application, i'd really appreciate that as well!

(Aside from schools mentioned above, I'm also considering applying to Harvard, Stanford, Amherst, UCs, Princeton, WashU in STL, and some other "safties".)

Thanks a lot for any help!!

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    Instead of giving you vague answers, take a different approach and look through a few things:

    1. Have you decided your major? if not, do you know at least in which direction you would like to pursue your studies in?

    2. Among the famous schools, do you know why they are reputable in the preferred subjects/majors?

    3. What matters the most in your study? program, alumni, research, resource?

    4. Aside from the above, what else matters? location, tuition, financial aid, etc...

    Essentially, this is where YOU get to interview the schools, where YOU get to pick what and how to study, and where YOU make the choices. Once you are admitted, you will have to go through the programs (as planned).

    I was educated in Columbia U. My decision was based on a few things:

    1. flexibility in the program: I got my MS in 1 year without writing a thesis.

    2. location: New York is a big city with great diversity, and my relative lives there.

    3. alumni: Columbia U. and its alumni is actually the number 2 richest in New York City. The Alumni can be very influential.

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