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我自己寫的:i think the main point is, it is convenience for our to go outside or go to work by riding a motorcycle, because it just need a little palce to parking.


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    I think the popularity of motorcycle is due to these 2 reasons; cheap and convenience

    Why cheap? You can buy a good motorcycle with reasonable price because most motorcycles are manufacture locally in Taiwan so you do not have to pay extra for import taxes. With NT50 of petrol you can travel a long distance. You do not have to pay car park charges as most places are free parking for motorcycle. And since spare parts are also locally manufactured therefore maintenance is also cheap.

    Why convenience? Unlike car that needs a designated parking lot, motorcycle could park anywhere. Therefore you will never need to worry about looking for a parking and late for appointment, school or work. Further more the traffic in Taiwan is quite bad but with a motorcycle it will normally not caught in a traffic jam as it is small enough to get through gap between car.

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