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兩岸高校生對戰 台灣雙贏 (這裡的"雙贏"指的是贏了兩場)

北一女換穿藍衣 小球戰術照揚威

二線球員出頭 北一女得分破百

打得火熱 松山驚險連勝


對手打太髒 松山3分飲恨

北大挖角 看上北一女隊長

看上小綠綠隊長 北大招手

控球有靈性 北大相中林欣宜

爬長城滿身汗 又累又喘

海峽盃籃球賽 北一女奏捷

海峽盃 北一女 不敗封后

北京小市民 滿臉驕傲與希望


鍋蓋頭松山 袖珍北一女 北京印象好

松山、北一女 拿下2連勝

海峽盃高中籃賽 我男女開門見喜

地虎戲天龍 北一女、松中 宰北京高中


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  • vivian
    Lv 4
    1 0 年前

    The cross-straits high school gets to fight a Taiwanese double to win(what"the double win" here point is to win 2)

    Taipei First Girls' School changes to wear blue dress small ball military tactics to shine on to spread fame

    Two line player's successful in career Taipei First Girls' School get a goal to break 100

    Very much in love Sungshan is breathtaking to connect to win

    Senior high school in Sungshan carries song to carry the dance High whole field

    The opponent beats too dirty Sungshan to nurse a grievance 3 cents

    The north digs corn to have a liking for Taipei First Girls' School captain greatly

    Have a liking for small green captain north to beckon with the hand greatly

    Controling the ball has greatly mutually medium innate intelligence north wood Xin proper

    Climb the Great Wall the whole body sweat again tired breathe heavily again

    Straits cup basket ball game Taipei First Girls' School play Jie

    Straits cup Taipei First Girls' School doesn't hurt to win the champion

    Beijing little citizen the full face is proud and hope

    Three heros in pine

    Pot cover head Sungshan pocketsized Beijing impression in Taipei First Girls' School good

    Sungshan, Taipei First Girls' School takes down 2 connect to win

    The straits cup senior high school basket match my men and women open the door to see pleased

    Ground tiger drama the day kills a Beijing senior high school in dragon Taipei First Girls' School, pine

    The quick dozen dazzles breeze, good kind

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