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我在7/12已開立所剩下500pcs的invoice給妳(I070143), 所以 500pcs for I070131, 另一個500pcs for I070143

2.我們今天會寄出Male系列的sample, 材質為Lylon 9T和之前Joy所報價的材質是ㄧ致的, 至於, right angle (Single row) 廠商已有提供cost及drawing給我們, 若在未來有需求, 請讓我們知道

請見下列Female sample list, Female的材質為LCP. 但廠商表示因目前沒有庫存可提供single row的部份(當初的測試樣品是為我們特地製造的), 所以先將以Lylon 9T代替, 但正式量產時還是會使用LCP材質, 因此請不用擔心

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    1.Please see the attached file!

    I have sent you the invoice of the rest of 500pcs (I070143) on July 12th. Therefore, there is 500pcs for I070131 and 500pcs for I070143.

    2.We will send you the samples for Male series, and they are made out of Lylon 9T, and that is the same material as the quotation Joy had presented earlier. And for right angle (Single row), they have offered cost and drawing to us, so if you have any needs in the future, please let us know.

    Please review the following Femal sample list. Female was made out of LCP, but the manufacturer address that there are no invetories for single row. The original test samples were sepcially made just for us. So they will us Lylon 9T to substitute for now. Once into the official mass production stage, LCP materials will be used, so there is no need to worry.

    參考資料: CK - 就是我啦
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    1. Please read the additional file.

    I already sent you the rest of the 500 pcs of invoice (I070143). One is

    for I070131, another 500pcs is for i070143.

    2. We will send you some samples of Male series. The material is Lylon 9T, which is the same with what Joy had said. As for right angle (Single row), the provider have offered the cost and the drawing for us. If you need them, please let us know.

    Please read the Female sample list below. They are made from LCP. But the manufactory expressed that there is no stock for providing the part of single row. ( The testing sample we showed you before was produced espicially.) Therefore, we will replace it by Lylon 9T first. We will still use the LCP material when producing officially, so please do not worry about this.

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