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1.你好!我是台灣買家..請問郵寄到台灣的總運費是多少? (能否寄掛號?) 謝謝

2.可以用 PayPal 付款嗎?

3.你好.我已經用 PayPal 付款成功.請查閱後通知我!謝謝

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    1.你好!我是台灣買家..請問郵寄到台灣的總運費是多少? (能否寄掛號?) 謝謝

    1. Hello! I am the Taiwan buyer. Asked how many mails Taiwan the

    total transport expense is? (Whether sends registers?) Thanks

    2.可以用 PayPal 付款嗎?

    2. May use PayPal to pay money?

    3.你好.我已經用 PayPal 付款成功.請查閱後通知我!謝謝

    3. You are good My durable PayPal has paid money successfully After

    please consult informs me! Thanks

    2007-09-08 11:25:57 補充:




    Successfully paid the money please to consult informs me to thank

    2007-09-08 11:28:12 補充:




    參考資料: 淺見~~應該是這樣拉!!你可以確定一下, 絕的這樣比較順而已, 我
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    投 4 號 Angela 一票~!!!

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    1. How are you?..i'm the buyer from Taiwan..just wanna ask u how much is the shipping cost?..thank you

    2. Can i use PayPal to make payment?

    3. Hello..i already use palpal to make a payment..please contact me when u saw it..thank u

    2007-09-08 15:14:23 補充:

    i think my is the best!!!!

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  • Angela
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    1.你好!我是台灣買家..請問郵寄到台灣的總運費是多少? (能否寄掛號?) 謝謝

    1. Hi, I am buyer from Taiwan. Please kindly inform the total freight to Taiwan. ( If possible, please deliver by registered parcel.) Thank you.

    2.可以用 PayPal 付款嗎?

    2. Can I pay by paypal?

    3.你好.我已經用 PayPal 付款成功.請查閱後通知我!謝謝

    3. Hi, I have paid by paypal sucessfully. Please confirm by return. Thank you.

    參考資料: Angela
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    Hi, I am from Taiwan. I have few questions and hope you can answer me soon.

    1. Please kindly inform the total mailing cost to Taiwan? ( If possible, please use registered mail.) Thank you.

    2. Can I pay it by paypal?

    3. hi, I have pay by paypal sucessfully. Please let me know if you see that transection. Thank you.

    參考資料: me
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