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Stars Are Blind的改編版 但有些地方聽不懂他在唱什麼捏??

只聽到有什麼無照駕駛 什麼想念吉娃娃....


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    I don’t mind being confined to L.A. state prison 我不介意被限制於LA州立監獄

    cause I would drive with DUIs 因為我會一邊開車一邊用DVI(互應式數位視訊)

    I caused some collisions 我造成了一些碰撞

    They tell me now that my appeal has been denied 他們告訴我,現在我的上訴被駁回

    and that the sentence is now bona-fide 這句話正正當

    How about a chill that won’t insult my civic pride 怎麼也不會侮辱我的公民自豪感

    like somewhere on the upper west side (不會翻)

    with a water slide 和一個滑水道

    oh no 沒有哦

    Even though they say I’m shady 即使他們說我名升不好

    但I’m really so refined 我真的那麼文雅有教養

    I need a cleaning lady 我需要一名清潔工

    I can’t do time 我不能服刑

    Robert Blake and OJ Simpson

    ( Robert Blake是著名演員 2004涉嫌多起謀殺案 但多次獲無罪 OJ Simpson是著名黑人美式足球運動員,1994年捲入殺妻案後,因起訴證據存有漏洞,令他無罪釋放)

    they both get off scot-free 他們都逍遙法外

    I drive without a license 本人無駕駛執照

    They throw the book right at me 他們盡然向我丟書

    It sucks to the highest degree 真是爛到最高點

    I went ape on a sex tape  (不會翻..)

    Guys are gaga

    I must make my jail escape 我必須從監獄逃脫

    I miss my Chihuahua 我好想我的吉娃娃

    My friend Nicole drove down that freeway the wrong way 我的朋友Nicole在高速公路上開反方向

    She’ll probably get parole and float away 她可能獲得假釋而且飄走

    because she weighs, zero. 因為她的體重為零

    Even though i caught the glamour 即使我擁有魅力

    even thought my clothes are fab 甚至我的衣服都很驚人

    they throw me in the slammer 他們還是把我扔進監獄

    Britney gets rehab 布蘭妮改過自新

    They put me in the big house

    sounds like a movie pitch

    Paris goes up the river -

    nds up as somebody’s bitch

    They can’t do this to me, 他們不能這樣對我

    I’m rich. 我很有錢

    aah aah

    And now i am digging a ditch 現在我要挖一條水渠

    aah aah

    My roommate’s a woman named Mitch. 我的一個女性室友叫Mitch



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