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還有他跟comparative advantage或是 incentives 或是rule of rational choice 或是property rights 或是free marketvs central control 其中一個的關聯性



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    Economists are now trying to figure out whether the unexpected loss of jobs in August means that a recession is on the way or whether the decline was just a blip that will soon be reversed. Even if the economy does bounce back from the mortgage crisis, almost no economist is expecting sustained monthly gains of 200,000 jobs anytime soon. In fact, the housing slump was already causing job growth and wage growth to weaken before stocks dropped last month.


    Rules of Rational Choice and/or Comparative Advantage: Technology lets computers do jobs that people once did, and it also allows jobs to be done in low-wage countries on the other side of the globe. As a result, workers - save for the most skilled - have less bargaining power. These trends can't be reversed.

    電腦科技與人力的比較:電腦科技有比較性的優勢 Comparative Advantage. 選擇電腦科技也符合理性選擇的定律 Rules of Rational Choice.