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叮叮小 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

問英文造句 急= =!!

幫我找英文造句 → 謝謝

1. spent-

2. sheap-

3. supermarket-

4. heed-

5. only-

6. very-

7. refrigerator-

8. alot of-

9. in total-

10. Any thing else-

11. why-

12. because-

4 個解答

  • 1 0 年前

    1. I spent 50 dollars to eat dinner last night.

    2. (I cannot find this word in the dictionary.)

    3. Today I went to supermarket to buy things.

    4. I will heed your good advice.

    5. I only ate some breade today.

    6. You're very good at speaking English.

    7. There is one refrigerator in my home.

    8. I paid a lot of money to buy a personal computer. (alot of 拼英錯誤.)

    9. Mother bought many things in the supermarke and paid five

    hundred dollars in total.

    10. I can buy anything else in this room.

    11. Why did you run in the halway?

    12. Today I cannot play with you, because I have to study.

    參考資料: 英文
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  • 1 0 年前

    1. spent【花...時間/金錢】這是 spend的過去式~

    → I spent much money on the car last year.

    → I spent two hours doing my homework this morning.

    2. sheap→沒有這個字呢QQ"~不好意思~

    3. supermarket【超商/超級市場】

    → I always go to supermarket to purchase.

    4. heed【留意、注意】

    → She didn't heed my advice and she got it!!!

    5. only【只有、唯一的、僅有的、僅僅】

    → Only you can understand my feelings.

    6. very【非常、很】

    → It is very benevolent of you to help the people who are in need.

    7. refrigerator【冰箱 】

    → Refrigerators can help human being store the food.

    8. a lot of【很多(可數、不可數名詞皆可使用)】

    → There are a lot of goods in the shopping mall.

    9. in total【總共、整個】

    → Our country has been in total disintegration.

    10. Any thing else【還需要什麼嗎】

    → A: I'd like to have some chocolate snacks. B: OK, and anything else??

    11. why【為什麼】

    → Why did you speak ill of me???

    12. because【因為】

    → I love to eat/ eating chocolate because I enjoy its relish.

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    參考資料: 重要的月曆, 重要的月曆
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  • 1 0 年前

    1. spent- He was totally spent when he got to the top of the hill.


    2. sheap- 沒有這個字喔 = =

    3. supermarket- The function of the supermarket is to provide the housewife with all the necessities. (超級市場的功能是為家庭主婦提供一切生活必需用品。)

    4. heed- She didn't heed my advice


    5. only- He is an only son.

    ( 他是獨生子。)

    6. very- This is the very best novel I've read lately.


    7. refrigerator- Brody reached into the refrigerator and pulled out a beer.


    8. alot of- 應該是 a lot of - l have a lot of pens.


    9. in total- There are 5 pens in total. (這裡總共有5支筆)

    10. Any thing else- What do you want ? Only milk ? Any thing else. (你想要什麼? 只有牛奶 ? 還要什麼嗎 ?)

    11. why- Why did you cry ? (你為什麼哭了?)

    12. because- because l got a perfect  score, l treat on everybody. (因為我考了滿分.所以請全部的人)

    參考資料: 我我我啦
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  • 1 0 年前

    1.spent- I spent twenty dollars to brought a pop-corn.

    你打錯了吧 應該是sheep

    2.sheep-He loves sheep very much.

    3.supermarket-We went to supermarket yesturday.

    4.heed-She didn't heed for my advice.

    5.only-I have only two dollars.

    6.very-I'm very proud of my son.

    7.refrigerator-Brody reached into the refrigerator and pulled out a beer.

    8.a lot of-He has a lot of toys. total-There's ten dollars in total.

    10.Any things else-Is there anything else?

    11.why- Why don't you obey my order?

    12.because- I won't hit you because I love you.

    參考資料: 當然是我造的呀= =
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