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Chemistry 問解答


Why is a solution always a mixture, but not every mixture a solution?


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    All solutions are homogeneous mixtures, but not all mixtures are homogeneous.

    2007-09-15 10:58:13 補充:

    Big Fish,你好像沒看清楚題目,版主發問的是化學問題,不是英文字詞解釋。化學問題得用化學答案來解說,不是英英字典也不是。

    以化學來說,solution 不只是 a kind of mixture,而是 homogeneous mixture,這個美國高中化學課本都找得到,不需要去查,而除非 是專門講解版主發問的這個題目,否則就算字面上解釋solution或mixture也只是「字典上」的意思,不是化學問題的答案。

    2007-09-15 11:01:20 補充:

    以下提供紐澤西Princeton High School的化學課程第三章的建議作業問題與解答:


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  • 1 0 年前

    I don't know how specific you need. I'll explain it in a simple way.

    Basically, a solution is a special mixture formed when a material dissolves in a liquid and cannot be filtered out.

    A mixture is a substance with variable composition, meaning that it is composed of two or more materials mixed or stirred together. The parts of a mixture retain most of their properties when they join together.

    So, a solution is a kind of mixture. But according to the definition/characteristics of a solution, a mixture can't be a solution. We can put it this way: a mixture is a big circle and a solution is a part of it.

    如要solu5ion 和 mixture 更清楚詳細的解釋,可參閱下面附上的連結。

    參考資料: 自己的知識+網站搜尋
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