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    MICHAEL JACKSON faces yet another child molestation lawsuit - and this one pre-dates his 1993 sex scandal.

    American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE has obtained a new suit filed on Monday (01NOV04) in New Orleans, Louisiana, in which JOSEPH THOMAS BARTUCCI alleges he was sexually abused by the pop superstar in May 1984.

    In the legal papers, Bartucci, who was 18 at the time, claims Jackson "repeatedly committed sexual assault and battery" on him in New Orleans, Louisiana and California, alleging the pop superstar of "orally copulating" him, "masturbating" him and forcing Bartucci to masturbate Jackson among other acts.

    Bartucci also claims he was subjected to "physical force, intimidation and duress" while committing sexual acts with Jackson, alleging at one point he was held at gunpoint to allow Jackson to commit sexual assault.

    In the disturbing legal papers, Bartucci also accuses Jackson of puncturing his chest with steelwire and cutting him with a razor blade.

    The accuser has taken 20 years to come forward because the sexual acts he claims took place left him with "severe psychological mechanisms" leading to repression and denial.

    For years, Bartucci reveals he disassociated himself from the physical sex acts, and could not remember them, but the past came flooding back as he watched a COURT TV special in America into the latest child molestation claims.

    Bartucci accuses Jackson of assault and battery, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress.

    05/11/2004 03:22