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    The perfect design that contemporary art and science and technology collide appears, the fine and smooth one is chiselled and carve, unique design style, let building build just not merely, transmit culture, design, new vision idea of art.The designer selects the top stone material to match such advanced decorations material as the carpentery workshop,etc.severely, entrust to the space gracefully with all knowing the conditions and customs of artistic breath.

    Read the matching of the card reaction system computermatically in addition, give the transmission that the new concept of the quality of the life is indirect to consumers, in order to make the warm and safe household quality of the space.


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    The perfect design of collission of contemporary art and technology, the intricate carving, the unique style, allwing buildings not only become buildings, but as a new visual idea to transmit culture, design and art. Designers strict choice of high grade decorating materials of top grade stones with wood, provides spaces with the elegance and sense of oart of city styles. Besides that the combination of computer-card reader system passes the new idea of quality living to the consumers, in order to create the warmth in space and the safety of quality home.

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    Sorry, 寫錯. Allowing, sense of art. 寫太快, 沒注意.不知道建築術語,因此不太準確

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    Contemporary art and technology impact has the perfect design, detail the elaborate style and unique design style,

    Construction is not to let buildings, but cultural transmission, design, visual arts and new ideas.

    Top designer Yan election Stone with woods and other senior decorating material, giving space and elegance of art

    Interest will be customs. Other computer-card reader with the induction system, the quality of life in the new Overview

    Nian indirect transfer to consumers, in order to create space warmth and security of home quality.

    參考資料: 小弟自己(英文系)
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