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Fruit Kingdom (水果王國)

One day, a fairy came to me from the sky. He invited me to his Fruit Kingdom.

There was a colorful account of fruit. It made me mouth water.

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “It’s amazing!” Everything in the palace was made by fruit: the lemon-window, the grape-chandelier, the pear- floor and etc. (檸檬窗戶,需要大寫嗎?Lemon-Window)

“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” I would be the most healthy and beautiful person in the world. By then, the Queen would be jealous of me, not Snow White’s beauty.

I rode on an orange bike on the street. Everything is so interesting. Along the cherry-streetlamp, there are lichee-cars, a date-cat, a plum-dog and etc.

Look! Those are banana-clouds, grape- juice-waterfall, guava-stones and my favorite orange-juice-sea. I don’t want to go home and like to stay here forever.

Back to the palace, the King told me it’s not only a kingdom of fruit, but also a holiday hotspot.

“Wake up, Jack!” said mother. “You are going to be late!”

“Where am I?” “Where is the fruit kingdom?” I asked.

“There is lots of fruit in Taiwan,” mother said.

“Oh, I see. Taiwan is the fruit kingdom,” I said.


色彩豐富的水果 該怎麼翻呢?

再者,我對於fruit 這個字很疑惑 There is lots of fruits. fruit(s) 一定要加s嗎? a kingdom of fruit(s)

寫故事 現在式 和過去式的區別在哪?

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    -colorful account of fruits是什麼意思啊?

    -It makes me mouth watering.

    -lemon 是形容詞所以不用大寫.

    -the grape-chandelier, and the pear- floor ... etc.

    -By then, the Queen would be jealous of my(not me), not Snow White's beauty.

    -street lamps, not streetlamp.

    - the King told me that it's not only

    -It's not only a kingdom of fruits

    -There are lots of fruits, 或是There is a lot of fruits 其中一個.

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    It' s amazing應該是 It's amazing吧