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It is about the quantum number

Would anyone tell detailly about the quantum number?

1.It has a principal quantum number,n, the second quantum number,l,and

the third quantum number,ml,and the last of the fourth quantum number,ms. Between this questions , Would anyone tell clearly about the

connection between this four quantum numbers? Thanks!! Best regard.

2.And What about the % ionic character ={1-exp{-{0.25}{Xa-Xb}*2}}X100

Where Xa and Xb are the electronnegativities for the respective elements.


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    1. They are chemistrical proper noun.

    n is on behalf of Principal quantum number. It decides the orbital's size and the energy increases by the distance from the nucleus increases. And the value of n is a positive integer(it doesn't include zero).

    l is on behalf of Azimuthal quantum number. It decides the shape and kinds of the orbital. For each n has a l i.e. l=0, 1, 2,...,n-1, l=0 is on behalf of s orbital, l=1 is on behalf of p orbital, and so on.

    ml is on behalf of Magnetic quantum number. It decides the direction in the space and the orbital's numbers. For each l has 2l+1 ml values.

    Finally, ms is on behalf of Spin quantum number. It decides the electron's revolving aspect. it has two types. one type is +1/2 and another is -1/2.


    2. % ionic character is on behalf of the percent of the ionic bond.



    If you have else questions, you can ask questions to http://tw.knowledge.yahoo.com/my/my?show=AC0198893...

    In fact, I don't learn the % ionic character.

    Other addition will put on the opinion column.

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