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In conclusion, we have shown that fine grained

discrete models based on contact structure are realistic

autonomous models, that are computationally feasible

for relevant population sizes. In the small world regime,

they exhibit sustained fluctuations with well-defined

period and amplitudes within the observed range. These

quantities may be used to fit the model’s free parameters,

p and b: The fact that this can be done with

satisfactory quantitative agreement for the simplest

version of the model puts it on the level of the

traditional deterministic and stochastic models as a

basis for realistic modelling. The impact of other factors,

such as seasonal forcing, age structure and spatial

heterogeneity, should be reassessed based on this.We have also examined the effect of small-world connectivity on

three other dynamical systems. In each case, the elements were

coupled according to the family of graphs described in Fig. 1. (1) For

cellular automata charged with the computational task of density

classification, we find that a simple ‘majority-rule’ running on a

small-world graph can outperform all known human and genetic

algorithm-generated rules running on a ring lattice. (2) For the

iterated, multi-player ‘Prisoner’s dilemma’ played on a graph, we

find that as the fraction of short cuts increases, cooperation is less

likely to emerge in a population of players using a generalized ‘titfor-

tat’ strategy. The likelihood of cooperative strategies evolving

out of an initial cooperative/non-cooperative mix also decreases

with increasing p. (3) Small-world networks of coupled phase

oscillators synchronize almost as readily as in the mean-field

model, despite having orders of magnitude fewer edges. This

result may be relevant to the observed synchronization of widely

separated neurons in the visual cortex if, as seems plausible, the

brain has a small-world architecture.

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    總而言之,我們表示,根據聯絡結構的美好的成顆粒狀的離散模型是現實自治模型,那為相關的人口大小計算上是可行的。 在小世界政權,他們在被觀察的範圍之內陳列被承受的波動以明確定義的期間和高度。 這些數量也許用於任意適合模型的參量、p和b : 事實這可以做以令人滿意的定量協議為模型的簡化版本在傳統確定和隨機性模型上的水平把它放为据為現實塑造。 應該再評價其他因素的衝擊,例如季節性強迫,年齡結構和空間非均勻性,根據此。我們在其他三個動力學系統也審查了小世界連通性的作用。 在每個案件,元素根據圖表家庭被結合了描述在。 1. (1)為細胞自動機充電以密度分類計算任務,我們發現』跑在小世界圖表的一個簡單的`多數規則可能勝過跑在圓環格子的所有已知的人和基因算法引起的規則。 (2)為被重複的,多功能單放機的`囚犯的困境』在圖表使用了,我們發現,當捷徑的分數增加,合作是較不可能湧現在使用一個廣義`以牙還牙的』戰略的球員的人口。 隨著p.的增加,演變在最初的合作或不合作的混合外面的合作戰略可能也減少。 (3)被結合的階段振盪器小世界網絡在意味領域模型幾乎一樣欣然同步像,儘管有數量級少量邊緣。 如果,和似乎振振有詞,腦子有小世界建築學,這個結果在視覺皮質也許是相關的與廣泛被分離的神經元的被觀察的同步。

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