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醫學英文 幫忙翻譯一下 謝謝

Multidetector CT showed 31 fractures and one facet joint subluxation in 17 patients, with plain radiographs detecting 48% of the injuries and MRI detecting 60% of the injuries. MRI was recommended as a useful adjunct for identifying soft tissue injuries but not as a primary imaging modality for identifying acute fractures. However, Pedrosa et al. showed that MRI was effective in assessing the intervertebral discs and ligamentous structures in five patients with ankylosing spondylitis who sustained cervical spine trauma, therefore effectively identifying signs of instability [8]. In the case presented here, the initial imaging studies did not clearly demonstrate the anterior component of the fracture. A high index of suspicion, however, allowed for accurate identification of the injury pattern on repeat study. Although the patient’s medical condition precluded acute operative stabilization of the injury, a successful outcome was obtained with appropriate external immobilization. Despite the success encountered in this case, the authors continue to advocate instrumented fusion as an adjunct to osteotomy and surgical correction of chin-on-chest deformity associated with ankylosing spondylitis [9]. Stand-up MRI is a relatively new imaging modality with published data limited mostly to technical reviews and dimensional analysis of degenerative pathology of the lumbar and cervical spine [10–15]. This open system uses 0.6-T vertical magnets and permits upright, weightbearing studies and flexion-extension images. Gilbert et al. presented a case where upright MRI demonstrated a cervical disc protrusion not demonstrated on a supine study [16]. To our knowledge, there are no reports detailing the use of stand-up MRI in an acute or subacute trauma setting, particularly to exclude positional changes in alignment.

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    多發現者矯正療法顯示了31個破裂和一個小平面聯合半脫臼17名患者,用簡單的X光照出48% 傷害和MRI 查出60% 傷害。MRI 被推薦了作為有用的附屬為辨認軟的組織傷害但不是作為一種主要想像形式為辨認深刻破裂。但是, Pedrosa 等。表示, MRI 是有效的在估計椎間的圓盤和ligamentous 結構在五名患者與承受子宮頸脊椎精神創傷的膠著脊椎炎, 因此有效地辨認不穩定[8]的符號。 在那情況在這裡呈現,起始描繪研究不清楚地示範破碎的前面成份。懷疑一個高索引, 然而, 考慮到傷害樣式的準確證明在重覆研究。雖然患者的健康狀況阻止了傷害的深刻有效的安定, 一個成果被獲得了以適當的外在鉗製。儘管成功遇到在這種情況下, 作者繼續主張被導航的融合作為附屬對下巴在胸口的osteotomy和外科更正與膠著脊椎炎 9 聯合的殘缺.站立的MRI 是一種相對地新想像形式以出版資料主要對技術回顧和對腰部和子宮頸脊椎[ 10-15 的] 退化病理學的尺寸分析被限制。

    這個開放式系統使用0.6-T 垂直的磁鐵和允許挺直, weightbearing 的研究和彎曲引伸圖像。Gilbert 等提出挺直MRI 的案件展示了子宮頸圓盤伸進沒被展示在一項仰研究[ 16 ] 。對我們的知識,沒有報告在一個敏銳或者子敏銳的外傷背景中細說站立磁共振成像的使用, 特別地排除在對準方面的位置改變。

    參考資料: 不知翻的好不好對不對希望能幫上忙。
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