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麻煩幫我修正一下文法 ~急

The Director of operations, Taggertt strongly encourages us to bring email to the company. Email makes communication more effective and easier. It not only shortens time of communication, but also simplifies the process of the work. Email system could improve our working efficiency. Undoubtedly, it could bring more profits for the company.

The Problem

Although we know the advantages of using email, we still have some issues about it.

The messages are monitored

Restriction of using email

Lack of clear email policy

As you may know, the Domestic Group members’ email messages are monitored by their manager, Bart Borden. We have to admit that the messages are for non-business purpose. But we did it at coffee break. The relaxed working environment could decrease the pressure of employees and raise their working efficiency. It indirectly benefits our company. Communication through email is faster and easier way for us to discuss anything. If we could finish discussing non-business subject earlier, we could also go back to work earlier. We understand that why managers monitor our messages. But it may lower employees’ loyalty.

The Solution

In conclusion, the most important is that we need the suitable email policy. We should know what we could do and what we couldn’t do through email. A good email policy could guild us to use the email well. Once email is used popularly in good way, it will improve the working efficiency of the employees. Then, it will bring more profits to the company. On the other hand, it may cause inconvenient of using email. The goal, bringing email to the company, will be hard to be achieved. It is definitely the loss to the company.

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    倒數第5行後面 是用 guild 嗎??? guild 是公會, 協會的意思ㄟ~

    你是要用 guide 嗎?

    除此之外, 其他部份都還好, 我沒有看到需要修改的~

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