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我需要一篇關於What can I do while facing sexual harassement的英文作文,我是要上台報告用的,大概2~3分鐘,拜託各位了...



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    你拼錯字了, 是harassment

    性騷擾發生的地方不同, 處理的方法也不同, 我在網路上找到了密西根州政府網站一篇有關職場上發生時的處理方法給你, 你再修改

    What can I do?

    First, be sure that the harasser knows you do not welcome these advances. State your objections clearly when it first begins, don't just hope the problem will go away.

    If the harassment continues, don't keep it to yourself. Put your objections in writing and ask for a written reply. Talk to your co-workers and tell them what is happening to you. Ask if they have had similar problems with your harasser. Keep notes on when your problem occurred and what you did and said. You may need these notes if you have to go to court.

    If initial efforts fail, go higher. Use your grievance procedure, if any, or write to your supervisor's supervisor. Ask for written answers to your complaints.

    If your union steward or other grievance taker shrugs off your complaint or says it is not a "grievance," do not become discouraged and drop your complaint. Go higher and exercise every right to appeal. Under the National Labor Relations Act section on the duty of fair representation, your union has the duty to represent you on issues of sexual harassment.

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    如果是校園的, 你可以參考下列文字

    Sexual harassment can be intentional or unintentional. While sexual comments or joking, personal advances, and other behaviors may

    occur in some cases with no harm intended, such actions can be unwanted, threatening, and perceived as harassment.

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    When you face sexual harassment on campus, you can take the following actions

    1. Speak up immediately. Clearly state that you are offended by the behavior and want it to stop.

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    3. Seek Support. Don't try to handle the stress of harassment alone. Talk to a friend, a relative, a counselor or someone else that you can trust. Harassers tend to be repeat offenders; find out if others have been


    4. File a formal complaint with Student Affairs Office (學生事務處)

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    2. Document all incidents. If the behavior does not stop, document, in writing, all incidents including dates, times, places, witnesses, and descriptions of events.