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誰可以給我35個phrasal verb(片語)(20點)?

誰可以給我35個phrasal verb(片語)?


誰可以給我35個phrasal verb(片語)?




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    1. get out; get out of sth 出來,下(車.火車.建築物…)

    2. get out of sth 逃避,逃跑

    3. give sth out 給予

    4. go out 外出約會

    5. go out 男女生在一起

    6. go out 停電,熄火(非人為)

    7. leave sbdy or sth out; leave sbdy or sth out of sth 遺忘,漏掉

    8. put sbdy out 打擾

    9. put sth out 熄滅(人為)

    10. run out; run out of sth 消耗,用光

    11. sell out; sell out of sth ; be sold out 賣出

    12. sort sth out 解決,處理

    13. wear out; wear sth out 穿壞,穿破

    14. wear sth out yourself out 使…累壞

    15. work out 事情友好結果

    16. work sth out 算出,計算

    17. fall over 跌倒

    18. get over sbdy or sth 康復,復原

    19. turn over; turn sbdy or sth over 翻過去

    20. come round 順道拜訪

    21. be up to sbdy 由……決定

    22. be up to sth do somthing

    23. blow up; blow sbdy or sth up 爆炸

    24. blow sth up 吹氣

    25. break up 分手,(婚姻)破裂,離婚





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    1.as usual 一如往常

    As usual,Mike is late to school because he stayed up late last night.

    2.be fond of 喜歡

    Mary is fond of playing the piano.

    3.be curious about 對...感到好奇

    People are curious about the couple that moved in last week.

    4.by mistake 不小心地

    The boy mailed the letter to the wrong person by mistake.

    5.get up 起床

    People usually get up late when the weather is cold.

    6.have no idea 不知道

    I have no idea about what the movie is about.

    7.look for 尋找

    Nowadays,some people want to look for their true love on the Net.

    8.on one's way to 到...的路上

    On my way to school,I met my best friend,James.

    9.at the age of 在...的年紀

    Mike started to learn English at the age of six.

    10.be crazy about 瘋狂喜愛…

    I'm crazy about online games.

    11.be eager to 渴望做…

    I am eager to meet your new girlfriend.

    12.be satisfied with 滿意…

    I'm not satisfied with my grade on the English test.

    13.come true 實現

    He works hard to make his dreams come true.

    14.for example 例如

    Jane studies English very hard.For example,she always studies English three hours a day.

    15.in fact 事實上

    I used to live in Taipei. In fact,my place was not far from your place.

    16.in person 親自

    I'd like to speak to your boss in person about some business matters.

    17.stay in touch with 與…保持聯絡

    I srtill stay in touch with my friends from college.

    18.from a distance 從遠處

    That man looks like my English teacher from a distance.

    19.in order to 目的為了要…

    It's important to exercise in order to keep in shape.

    20.used to 過去經常做…

    Michael used to go jogging every morning.

    21.instead of 取代…;而不是…

    Instead of going by car,I usually walk to work.

    22.be able to 能夠

    You must be able to speak English well for this job.

    23.by means of 藉由

    This heavy box was lifted by means of a crane.

    24.in addition (to) 此外

    Mary is beautiful.In addition to this,she is very smart.

    25.stay up 熬夜

    It's not good for your health to stay up late.

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    phrasal verb(片語) = 常用動詞片語是嗎?


    1. agree to + 事 = 同意(某事)

    2. agree with + 人 = 同意(某人)

    3. apply for = 申請,應徵

    4. believe in = 相信

    5. break in = 闖入

    6. break out = 爆發

    7. call off = 取消

    8. call up = 打電話

    9. carry on = 繼續

    10. carry out = 實施

    11. check in = 登記

    12. check out = 付賬

    13. compare to = 比喻

    14. compare with = 比較

    15. consist in = 在於

    16. consist of = 由...構成

    17. die from = 死於 (意外)

    18. die of = 死於 (疾病,飢餓)

    19. get off = 下車

    20. get on = 上車

    21. get over = 克服,痊癒

    22. get to = 到達

    23. go out = 熄滅

    24. go over = 複習

    25. hand in = 繳交

    26. hend up = 掛斷電話

    27. keep in touch with = 聯繫

    28. keep on = 繼續

    29. look after = 照顧

    30. look at = 注視

    31. look for = 尋找

    32. look into = 調查

    33. look like = 看起來像

    34. look out = 當心

    35. look up = 查閱

    36. run after = 追逐

    37. run into = 偶遇

    38. run over = 複習,輾過

    39. show off = 炫燿

    40. show up = 出現


    參考資料: 照書打的
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    **片語 初級篇 **

    Up to date--- 。

    We should always keep the relevant data up to date.


    Up to--- 。

    He is not up to this assignment.


    Upside down--- 。

    They put everything upside down.


    Used to--- 。

    She used to get up early.


    Vote on--- 。

    The proposal is voting on.


    Wait for--- 。

    We have been waiting for him for half an hour.


    Watch out--- 。

    We must watch out for cars from both sides when we cross the street.


    Well to do--- 。

    He was born of well-to-do family.


    Work out--- 。

    I am sure you will work out well in your new job.


    Would rather--- 。

    I would rather go shopping than stay at home in such a fabulous weather.


    Worthy of--- 。

    His behavior is worthy of praising.


    Worry about--- 。

    Don't worry about me.


    Wind up--- 。

    It's time to wind up our work.


    Word for word--- 。

    She translated this article into Chinese word for word.


    Year after year--- 。

    He waited for her answer year after year.


    Yearn for--- 。

    He has been yearning for a great fortune for many years.



    In addition to---除…之外。

    He got extra dividends in addition to his salary.


    In ancient times---古時候。

    Men lived on hunting in ancient times.


    In despair of---失望。

    She quitted her job in despair of the unfair company system.


    In any case---任何情況。

    You shouldn't give up easily in any case.


    In proportion to---比例。

    His year-end-bonus isn't in proportion to his performance.


    Insist on---堅持。

    He insisted on going Dutch.


    Indulge in---沉迷。

    They indulged themselves in playing computer games.


    In contact with---連繫。

    She always kept in contact with him even when they were apart.


    In the distance---遠處。

    There are several ships in the distance.


    In the long run---終究。

    People will find out he is a hypocrite in the long run.





    參考資料: 網路
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