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如果是前兩季的 就不必了




可以有中文集名嗎?還有 現在AXN是播到哪一集了呢?

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    Season 3

    Season 3, Episode 1: SpreeOriginal Air Date: 22 September 2006

    Charlie and the team track a couple who are spree killers, but their actions seem to defy profiling.

    Season 3, Episode 2: Two DaughtersOriginal Air Date: 29 September 2006

    The team is in a race against time to rescue fellow agent Megan from the clutches of Crystal Hoyle.

    Season 3, Episode 3: ProvenanceOriginal Air Date: 6 October 2006

    The robbery of a painting that unexpectedly turned to murder, has the team exploring a disputed provenance and possible insurance fraud.

    Season 3, Episode 4: The MoleOriginal Air Date: 13 October 2006

    The hit-and-run death of an interpreter may compromise a team member, and Charlie must deal with not being consulted for a paper.

    Season 3, Episode 5: TrafficOriginal Air Date: 20 October 2006

    Charlie and the team grapple with the concept of 'randomness' while trying to find a killer targeting drivers on the freeway.

    Season 3, Episode 6: LongshotOriginal Air Date: 26 October 2006

    Don and the team investigate a suspicious death at a horse track. When Charlie starts looking into the crime, he uncovers something that will send the investigation into an entirely different direction.

    Season 3, Episode 7: BlackoutOriginal Air Date: 3 November 2006

    Blackouts all over Los Angeles leave the city in the dark. Don works with his team to figure out if the power outages are an accident or the work of terrorists.

    Season 3, Episode 8: HardballOriginal Air Date: 10 November 2006

    The death of a minor league player leads to a math prodigy and stirs old feelings for Don.

    Season 3, Episode 9: Waste NotOriginal Air Date: 17 November 2006

    Charlie's investigation of a company's toxic paving material is impeded by a new school administrator who wants him to focus primarily on his pure academic work instead.

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    Season 3, Episode 10: Brutus

    Original Air Date: 24 November 2006

    The assassination of a California senator leads the team to questionable experimentation on prisoners, the CIA, and a man bent on revenge. Elsewhere, Larry makes an announcement that shakes Charlie.

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    Season 3, Episode 11: Killer Chat

    Original Air Date: 15 December 2006

    The team tries to track the person murdering in homes for sale, and Larry's dream may disappear.

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    Season 3, Episode 12: Nine Wives

    Original Air Date: 5 January 2007

    The search for a pedophile polygamist takes an interesting genealogical turn when a quilt is found.

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    Season 3, Episode 13: Finders Keepers

    Original Air Date: 12 January 2007

    The search for a yacht ends up splitting Charlie's loyalties when two agencies ask for his help.

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    Episode 14: Take Out

    Multiple robberies at upscale restaurants bring Don's team in once it escalates to murder. Elsewhere, both Charlie and Don must do some soul searching as one tackles a psychiatric review and another questions the ethics of a pharmaceutical company that wants to use his name.

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    Episode 15: End of Watch

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    The discovery of a presumed dead police officer's badge brings the LAPD and Don's team together to solve the mystery of what happened 17 years ago. Elsewhere, Alan is served in a lawsuit, and he has to determine if his calculations were wrong when he consulted for a golf course.

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    Episode 16: Contenders

    Original Air Date: 16 February 2007

    One of David's childhood friends is accused of murder while sparring in preparation for an All-Out Fighting bout, and Charlie has a contest of his own trying to defend Larry's chair in a Texas Hold 'em qualifier.

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    Episode 17: One Hour

    Original Air Date: 16 February 2007

    The son of a multi-millionaire Latino hip-hop-Song producer is kidnapped. The kidnapper demands $3.2 million for the boy's release, but Granger and his crew only have one hour.

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    Episode 18: Democracy

    Original Air Date: 9 March 2007

    An old colleague of Charlie's asks for help because of the untimely deaths of some coworkers, but when she also turns up dead Don and Charlie are started on a trail that may threaten the very democracy they've vowed to protect.

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    Episode 19: Pandora's Box

    Original Air Date: 30 March 2007

    Charlie splits his genius between solving a plane crash and the burglary at his home.

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    Episode 20: Burn Rate

    Original Air Date: 6 April 2007

    As letter bombs begin targeting people surrounding a previous serial bomber investigation, Don and Charlie must sift through a number of false leads to find the real killer.

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    Episode 21: The Art of Reckoning

    Original Air Date: 27 April 2007

    Don finds himself negotiating with a hit man to find an assemblyman's son, and Larry has difficulty adjusting to terra firma.

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    Episode 22: Under Pressure

    Original Air Date: 4 May 2007

    The threat of a terrorist attack in L.A. puts everyone on high-alert as Don leads a special task force, and butts heads with Charlie and Alan.

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    Episode 23: Money for Nothing

    Original Air Date: 11 May 2007

    A shipment of medicine and cash bound for Zambia is hijacked, and Don and his team find themselves working against a banker focused on retrieving his money at the cost of the people being held for the code to access the safe.

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    Episode 24: The Janus List

    Original Air Date: 18 May 2007

    When Charlie and Don are specifically asked for by a bomber who's rigged a bridge, it puts them on a trail of espionage in- and outside the states, and a devastating betrayal.