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P.S 勿用翻譯機直接翻譯

1. 請見附檔, 我修改了下列這些:

(1)Page 3.4.8(綠色背景)為新增的報價(with cap)

(2)Page 11(黃色背景)之前SHPD14-xx1-10-3.0/2.0(without cap)

(3)with post or without post 都已經update 為相同價格

另外, 關於SHPS14由於廠商所提供的圖面有誤, 已請他們修改, 因此在下禮拜四才能提供給你

2.很抱歉! 由於廠商所提供的報告不完整, 因此要到延遲到下禮拜一才能提供給你

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    Please check the attachement again. I have made the following modification (也可用 changes:) :

    (1) For page 3.4.8 , the new price (with cap ) is label in green background color.

    (2) For page 11, the SHPD14-xx1-10-3.0/2.0 (without cap) is label in yellow background color.

    (3) With or without post was all updated as same price.

    By the way, regards SHPS14. I can only give you the drawing diagram next Thursday due to supplier's fault by providing the wrong drawing. We have request them to make correction.

    Sorry! Due to the information (或用 report 也可) provided by supplier was not complete. Therefore, I can only pass you the information by next Monday.