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請問有關 homicide 的簡短翻譯

1.homicide rate per 100,000

2.homicide count

3.police expenditures per capita

4.resource deprivation/affluence composite variable

請問這四句 翻譯成中文 因該怎麼翻?


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    1.每100,000 人殺人律



    4.資源剝奪/affluence composite variable富裕組合變數



    Homicides and selected socio-economic characteristics for counties surrounding St Louis, MO. Data aggregated for three time periods: 1979-84 (steady decline in homicides), 1984-88 (stable period), and 1988-93 (steady increase in homicides).

    Type = polygon shape file, unprojected, lat-lon

    Observations = 78

    Variables = 21


    S. Messner, L. Anselin, D. Hawkins, G. Deane, S. Tolnay, R. Baller (2000). An Atlas of the Spatial Patterning of County-Level Homicide, 1960-1990. Pittsburgh, PA, National Consortium on Violence Research (NCOVR).

    Variable Description

    NAME: county name

    STFIPS: state fips code (character)

    COFIPS: county fips code (character)

    FIPSNO: fips code as numeric variable

    HR7984: homicide rate per 100,000 (1979-84)

    HR8488: homicide rate per 100,000 (1984-88)

    HR8893: homicide rate per 100,000 (1988-93)

    HC7984: homicide count (1979-84)

    HC8488: homicide count (1984-88)

    HC8893: homicide count (1988-93)

    PO7984: population total (1979-84)

    PO8488: population total (1984-88)

    PO8893: population total (1988-93)

    PE77: police expenditures per capita, 1977

    PE82: police expenditures per capita, 1982

    PE87: police expenditures per capita, 1987

    RDAC80: resource deprivation/affluence composite variable, 1980

    RDAC85: resource deprivation/affluence composite variable, 1985

    RDAC90: resource deprivation/affluence composite variable, 1990

    Prepared by Luc Anselin

    UIUC-ACE Spatial Analysis Laboratory

    2007-10-18 07:42:42 補充:

    1.每100,000 人殺人率

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