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massachusetts institute of technology 有單獨電腦工程(computer engineering)這一科嗎??還是只有電腦工程科學( computer engineering and science)?? 史丹佛只有電腦科學嗎 它沒有單獨電腦工程或電腦工程科學嗎??謝謝

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    If you check the website of MIT, the undergraduate programs in EECS include

    Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

    Computer Science and Engineering

    Electrical Science and Engineering

    These three programs are under EECS department.

    In Stanford University, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering are two separate department. Actually, many research in EE covers computer engineering stuff. Their computer science includes computer system engineering and other interdisciplinary program.

    In many schools, computer science is in school of engineering (for example, UIUC, UCLA ). However, sometimes computer science is in School of Science and Letters (like Berkeley and U of Washington). In Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), there is even a school of computer science have a department of comp. sci. and other related department.

    In most cases, computer engineering is buried under computer science and engineering or electrical engineering and computer science department.

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