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例:program: (N)程式,(V)寫程式

[In the new model, the output data depend on the combination of

two factors: the input data and the program.]



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    assay [動] 試,嘗試 同義字:try, attempt

    The teacher assayed to explain the hidden plot of the story.

    bawl [動] 呼喊,大叫 同義字:yell, shout

    The captain bawled for the medic.

    animate [形] 有生命的;生氣蓬勃的 同義字:alive

    Many secrets of the animate nature are beyond our comprehension.

    accost [動] (突然地)打招呼 同義字:speak to suddenly

    A beggar accosted me in front of the store.

    abridge [動] 縮短,刪節 同義字:condense

    It was abridged from the original work.

    artifact [名] 人工製品 同義字:artificial, product

    Bowls, pots, arrowheads, and other stone artifacts were among the objects found.

    abash [動] 使慚愧 同義字:confound, embarrass, discompose, disconcert

    The girl was abashed when she saw the stranger.

    archaic [形] 過時的,老式的 同義字:antiquated, old-fashioned

    Hitching posts have been archaic for many years.

    await [動] 等候,期待 同義字:wait for, expect

    The audience eagerly awaited the band's arrival.

    allocate [動] 分配 同義字:allot

    Bigger rations were allocated to those people.

    affliction [名] 苦惱Deafness and failing eyesight are the afflictions of old age.

    bail [名] 保釋金 同義字:bond, surety

    The accused are being held on $100,000 bail.

    assurance [名] 確信,自信,信任I have full assurance of his knowledge and courage.

    bicker [動] 口角,爭吵 同義字:squabble, quarrel

    The children constantly bickered over their toys.

    antiquate [動] 使作廢,使古舊 同義字:disuse, make old

    The old device was antiquated, we must replace it.

    bewilder [動] 混淆,迷惑 同義字:confuse

    The motorist was bewildered by the traffic signs.

    betrayal [名] 不忠,叛逆,背信 同義字:treachery, treason

    Bible tells of the betrayal of Christ by Judas.

    arrogant [形] 驕傲自大的,傲慢的 同義字:bumptious, self-assertive

    His arrogant manner has kept him from being very popular.

    analogy [名] 類似The playwright draws an analogy between gods and men.

    2007-10-07 23:37:10 補充:

    arrogant [形] 驕傲自大的,傲慢的 同義字:bumptious, self-assertive

    His arrogant manner has kept him from being very popular.

    2007-10-07 23:37:38 補充:

    acrid [形] 辛辣的,苦的;苛刻的,譏刺的;毒辣的;潑辣的;刻薄的;-ly,adv.;-ness,n.;-ity,n.刻薄話

    Wild raspberries have a more acrid flavor than do cultivated ones.

    adroit [形] 機巧的,熟練的 同義字:adept

    He is adroit in handling machinery.

    2007-10-07 23:39:39 補充:

    adept [形] 熟練的,擅長的

    A good reporter must be adept at both news writing and covering.

    clank [動] 叮噹聲,磕隆響

    The chain clanked as the cart went uphill.

    clang [名] 叮噹聲,喇叭聲

    The clang of the church bells aroused the people.

    2007-10-07 23:47:52 補充:

    comprehension [名] 包含;領悟

    The mathematical problem is beyond my comprehension.

    clump [名詞] 塊,團

    The plow made clumps of soil.

    certificate [名詞] 證書

    Certificates are often used to prove one's identification.

    2007-10-07 23:48:27 補充:

    combine [動] 結合

    The two boys combined their money to buy a bicycle.

    cackle [動] 呵呵笑 After each joke the old man cackled enjoyment.

    breach [名] 破裂His failure to pay was a breach of obligation.

    boring [形] 沉悶的,無聊的

    Playing canasta all evening isn't boring.

    2007-10-07 23:49:29 補充:

    captivate [動] 使著迷,迷惑

    Hou captivated the world with his famous underwater strait jacket escape.

    capsize [動] (使)(船)傾覆

    The boat capsized in the midst of a whirlpool.

    bluster [動] 狂吹,咆哮

    Although he often blusters, he would never hurt anyone.

    2007-10-08 01:00:39 補充:

    blithe [形] 愉快的,快活的

    He was blithe during his first year of marriage.

    capacious [形] 廣闊,

    A capacious trunk will hold various large objects.

    brittle [形] 易碎的,脆的

    Galena, the chief ore of lead, is a brittle, lead-gray mineral.

    2007-10-08 01:01:36 補充:

    blemish [名] 毀損,瑕疵,破壞

    The table was sold half-priced because there was a blemish on the top.

    concord [名] 和協

    All creatures in the universe are supposed to live in concord.

    blotch [名] 斑點,污跡

    The measles gave him red blotches all over his skin.

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