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我想找一首70年代時的英文老歌, 它當時跟卡本特兄妹那首yesterday once more放在同一張專輯上, 封面是一個上下舖, 中間有一隻烏龜m 其中一首的內容是, hey, did you ever see the most bueatiful girl in the world? 不知道它的名字叫什麼.... 演唱者很像是AndyWilliams...

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    Hey, did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world?

    And if you did, was she crying, crying?

    Hey, if you happen to see the most beautiful girl

    that walked out on meTell her,

    "I'm sorry."Tell her, "I need my baby."

    Won't you tell her that I love her.

    I woke up this morning and realized what

    I had doneI stood alone in the cold gray dawn

    I knew I'd lost my morning sunI lost my head and I said some things

    Now come the heartaches that morning bringsI know I'm wrong and I couldn't seeI let my world slip away from me


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    演唱者:Charlie Rich