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There are abundant natural resources in Elephant-Hills where is near by Taipei basin, Eco-Tourism Pedestrian Path become the popular recreation place. The character of Eco-Tourism Pedestrian Path belong to the megalopolis path, there are several design guidelines as “it should conform to the requirement of public mountain-climbing and landscape view.”,”it is easy to arrive, safe and convenience.”, “it has to supply safe and eco-exposition facilities.”, “there should be a obvious path for public traveling, and decrease the difficulty from the landforms.” An Eco-Tourism Pedestrian Path in Elephant-Hills play the important role between people and natural resources, supply the users and nature with delicate interactive media. A Eco-Tourism Pedestrian Path in suitable design can develop the good value of people living with nature. On the contrary, unsuitable design may make the nature environment broken by man-made facilities. So in the design process we have to balance the values between uses and natural environment.

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    Elephant Mountain consisted of rich natural resources and because it is next to the business district therefore it has became a popular leisure area after the footpath is started. Elephant Mountain footpath has a metropolis style characteristic therefore it should consisted of 「neighboring Settlement or amusement and rest area,suitable for general public walking and scenery viewing requirement」、「reachable, safe and convenience」、「not destroying landscape and the ecological environment, provides safe and high standard illustration service facilities.」and「should have proper footpath map, reduce path difficulty as much as possible so as to suit general public excursion。」etc as a set up principle.


    The footpath plays an important role between the user and Elephant Mountain natural recourses. It is a subtle interacting medium between human and the nature. Setting up a good footpath will be able to display the truth value of the coexistence between human and nature; otherwise, nature environment could be destroyed by human. Therefore during the set up process it should be carefully measure the value between human and nature need.

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