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嘻哈SNOOP DOG的影片翻譯一下

嘻哈SNOOP DOG的影片翻譯一下

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    那個女人不是在罵Snoop.她是Snoop的律師.Snoop其實是針對Bill O'Reilly講.


    Transcript of the clip:

    Lauren: ... selling drugs, now makes, because I, I do, I do know that.

    Bill: (Interrupting Lauren) How did you know that? You don't know that. You don't know if he is doing it or not.

    Lauren: And you don't either.

    Lauren: Bill. Did, so don't put that on him. He is not out selling drugs.

    Bill: (Interrupting Lauren) I am not (blah blah blah), I am just going by the records.

    Lauren: His, his arrest record shows, Bill, that he likes to smoke marijuana, not sell it.

    Bill (Interrupting Lauren) I am going by the record.

    Bill: It also shows that he likes to carry around guns that can kill people. Now.

    Lauren: Of course, there're whole bunch of other people that loves to carry guns. C'mon now.

    Bill: (Interrupting Lauren) Why?

    Bill: Let me, let me break it to you gently. Alright? Just becaues you like to smoke marijuana, doesn't mean you can. It's against the law. Just because you think you need a gun, doesn't mean you can carry one. You can't.

    Bill: He is a convicted felon, he can't carry a gun ever.

    Lauren: (Interrupting Bill) Absolutely not. However. Just be(cause).

    Lauren: Right. Just because he made mistakes. However, the punishment has to fit the crime.

    Bill: (Interrupting Lauren) You blah blah blah. You wouldn't put him blah blah.

    Lauren: Our prison is way too overcrowded for Snoop Doggy Dog to be up in the jail.

    Bill: (Interrupting Lauren) I will build a new one just for him.

    Lauren: (Speaking at the same time) For what? For what?

    Bill: (Speaking at the same time) I will build a prison just for him.

    Bill: Becaues he is a wise guy.

    Lauren: Just. Snoop. You obviously have never met him.

    Bill: (Interrupting Lauren) You are actually sorting the system.

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