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Translate a question

The Question as follows,

what did we end up getting on our case study?

Hope some one can help me to translate this quesiton.

I'm not sure its meaning.

Thanks for your help.

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    The question is rasing up a end question where you will need to come up with some answers or research details from your "case study" (a topic which chosed from your subjcet, an assignment or assay question).

    Normally a case study can me relating medical problems where you need to solve out what casuses the problems to this illness patient. Can it be virus or wound infection that caused the patient causing vomiting and fever. This case study allows you to find the main causing problems and best solving problems.

    So this sentence really just saying, whats our final ideas or end solution of this topic that we picked.

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    get on: to gain knowledge or understanding <got on to the racket>

    我們所作的案例研究(case study)結果會得到些甚麼(知識或瞭解)呢?

    參考資料: 參考webster線上字典英英解釋
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