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1. what is the problem of skepticism? Compare and contrast the various

presponses to skepticism.

2. In your estimate, which one seems to be the best reponse?



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    First of all, skepticism is the attitude of doubt. Having skepticism about someone means you have doubt about this person in areas such as his/her personality, ability, loyalty, and other characteristics. Having skepticism about a plan means you are not sure if the plan will work out as you expected.

    People could have various emotions about the skepticism towards them such as anger, frustration, sad, excluded, untrusted, or innocent. The list could go on and on but most of the feelings would be negative. The responses then developed from the feelings could be even more, let's explore just two examples:

    1. If he's sad, his response could be less aggressive. He could be calm and just walks away.

    2. If he's mad, his response could be more aggressive. He could be more physical which includes shouting, having gestures, or even crying.

    Regardless what responses one might have, basically these responses are telling others that "I am hurt..."

    Hopefully this provides you something to begin with. Good luck.

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