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1946 - 48

Hunger and expulsion mark the first post-war years. Koziol gives employment to numerous refugees. Basic commodities are produced, combs and buttons are popular barter goods frequently exchanged against anything from wheelbarrows to smoked pork sausages. To the employees, company trips are among the annual highlights.


As Bernhard Koziol gets stuck in a snowdrift in his Beetle, he looks through his rear windscreen. In the unreal snow flurry he sees three deer, inspiring the Koziol Dream Globe®. The idyllic snow-balls conquer the world and remain one of the most fairytale-like memories to many of us.


Free market economy lays the foundation for the booming economy to commence in western Germany, and growth proceeds step by step. For Koziol, too, things trend upwards, as he recognizes a revival of German tourism at an early stage and calls souvenir culture into life with his first merry keepsakes


A new company symbol is born. The translation of the originally Polish name Koziol points the way: From now on, the ibex is to be the trademark.

1955 / 56

The Heraeus vacuum metalizing system takes up operations, and products can be now be refined by applying a layer of 24 carat sheet gold. The new technology is applied in a variety of processes, enhancing the creative scope of the product range. None of the animal figures is ever to reach the legendary popularity of the "Golden Stag". This icon of souvenir culture is also exported to Canada and the United States, there to conquer expatriates hearts' as a reminder of home.


Apart from toy construction kit Sticky, Koziol presents diverse table roulette games and a chess range at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. The Fair appearance becomes a full success and yields new export customers in America.

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    1946 年- 48 渴望和開除標記第一戰後歲月。Koziol 給就業許多難民。基本的商品被生產, 梳子並且按鈕是普遍的以貨易貨物品頻繁地被交換反對任何東西從獨輪車對熏製的豬肉香腸。對雇員, 公司旅行是在每年聚焦之中。 1950 年當Bernhard Koziol 得到陷進在隨風飄飛的雪在他的甲蟲, 他看通過他的後方擋風玻璃。在虛幻的雪慌張他看見三頭鹿, _發Koziol 夢想Globe. 。田園詩雪球征服世界和保留多數的當中一個fairytale 像記憶對多數人的我們。 1951 年自由市場經濟打基礎使興旺的經濟開始在西德國, 並且成長逐步進行。為Koziol, 同樣, 事趨向向上, 因為他認可德國旅遊業復興在早期和叫紀念品文化入生活與他的第一份快活的紀念品 1953 年一個新公司標誌是出生。波蘭人命名Koziol 的翻譯最初指明道路: 從現在起, 高地山羊將是商標。 1955 年/56 Heraeus 真空金屬化系統佔去操作, 並且產品可能現在是由應用提煉24 克拉板料金子層數。新技術被申請在各種各樣的過程中, 提高產品範圍的創造性的範圍。無動物圖曾經將到達"金黃雄鹿的" 傳奇大眾化。紀念品文化這個像對加拿大並且被出口並且美國, 那裡征服移居心臟的作為家提示。 1959 年除玩具建築成套工具之外稠黏, Koziol 禮物不同的桌roulette 比賽和棋排列在紐倫堡玩具公平地。公正的出現成為充分的成功和產生新出口顧客在美國。

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     不知道這款翻譯如何,推薦給你嘗試看看 ^^"





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