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翻譯(武士道精神) 20點




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    Bushido namely"the samurai's morals standard", the parlance which goes to a river a door times to just have "bushido" formally appears.Bushido spirit:Martial way every morning Xi dies, all ising stared at it with dead to this to that". While facing a life and death choice, immediately the milli- isn't unable to decide to choose to die, but any didn't carry through duty and the dead, all for"the dog die", die also not beneficial. In this case, the bushido is pushed again to another level, for"be responsible for".The spirit of being responsible for is a bushido the most important spirit, ignore to have another a small lowly matter to also want to treat seriously. And the extension been responsible is one important spirit"disgrace" of another bushido, have sense of honor almost and courageously.Shirk responsibility for the samurai's great disgrace, this person will be cast off by national society necessarily.

    In short, the bushido spirit is a not afraid dead, being responsible.This kind of spirit is after Middle Ages and thoroughly promoted, is a various strata of society broadly, personage accept, and not only is limited in samurai's stratum.Therefore can say bushido spirit to the utmost a tube to develop in samurai's stratum, but it has already become a representative the Japanese spirit of Japan actually.

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