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3 .我最重要的生活目標是賺更多的錢,能讓自已的小孩受更好的教育,家人過更好的生活。

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    1.After I am married, maybe I am different from the vaule in money with my husband. For example, I like more expensive things but it could be used longer time . However, husband is likely to buy cheap but let me feel not durable things.

    2.I am always optimistic, because i think that things are always solved, the most important is how we face to difficult.

    3.When I lost the job, I would go for a temporary job, and go to learn another special skill

    4.My the most important goal is to earn the more money, could let my own children be given better education, and family live in better life.

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    Financial values may differ after marriage, for example, I prefer items that cost more but last longer, while my husband buy items that cost less which I feel is not durable.

    I' m always optimistic; I believe anything can be accomplished as long as we are willing to face the difficulties.

    When I lose my job, I will find a part-time job and learn another talent.

    My most important goal is to earn money to have my children well educated and help my family live a better life.

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    你要的英文翻譯 :

    (1) Perhaps after the marriage can because the money values have differently with         gentleman, for example I quite expensively like but being able to use the quite long        goods, but gentleman comparatively likes buying the small advantage but to let me feel      not the durable thing.

    (2) I always very optimistic, because thought the matter always can solve, more importantly      we go.

    (3) When I lose works, I can first look for a temporary work, with studies another specialty.

    (4) I most important life goal makes more money, can let from already child better education    , family member good life.


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