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How many major portions make up an AIRCRAFT?

1.An aircraft consists of five major portions: The Fuselage , Wings , Empennage, porpulsion system( power system ) and landing gears .

2.The fuselage is the most important major portion of an aircraft .

The wings are installed in both its sides , and the empennage is fitted to its end.

3.There are three types of interir structure of the fuselage : The truss type , monocoque type and Semi-monocoque type .

The fuselage interior structure of a modem aircraft is the semi-monocoque type .

Its main frame is composed of the bulkheads , longerons , Z frames , stringers , reinforcement inner chords and keel beam , and its auxiliary structure is made up of floor beams , floor supports , floor and skin .

The fuselage of modern large turbine engine powered air-liner is divided into five sections : control cabin , front passenger cabin , center passenger cabin , rear passenger cabin and tail cone / after fuselage sections .

5.The wings are designed based on the factors of aircraft size , weight , usage , landing speed and climb rate ,

and as the main support surfaces of an aircraft . the cross section of the wing is called an airfoil .

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    1.An 航空器包括五大部分: 機體、翼、機尾、porpulsion system(動力系統) 和起落架。

    2.The 機體是航空器的最重要的大部分。

    翼被安裝在兩它的邊, 並且機尾適合對它的末端。

    3.There 是三類型機體的interir 結構: 捆類型、單殼機身的型和Semi-monocoque 型。

    數據機航空器的機體內部結構是semi-monocoque 型。

    它的主要框架由隔框、縱梁、Z 框架、縱梁、增強內在弦和船骨射線組成, 並且它的輔助結構被彌補地板射線、地板支持、地板和皮膚。

    現代大渦輪引擎供給動力的班機機體被劃分成五個部分: 控制客艙、前面客艙、中心客艙、後方客艙和尾錐/在機體部分以後。

    5.The 翼被設計根據了航空器大小、重量、用法、著陸速度和攀登率因素,


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