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  • Danny
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    歌名:Get Ready For This

    演唱:2 Unlimited


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    Ya'll ready for this?

    Get down with the style,

    House on the ground,

    Please when I squeeze,

    Pump to your knees.

    Who wants to play?

    I'm in here to stay,

    Ready to take you around the way,

    So get ready for this.

    Mind your own biz,

    Cause I invented the microphone biz.

    No need to sit, cause we're 2 Unlimited;

    Ready, ready, ready for this!

    Feel the base, you just get closer.

    Be impressed by the words I chose of,

    Once again kickin' it live,

    Doin' everything yo just to survive

    A wall to wall, I think I stand,

    Being on stage with a mic in my hand,

    Bustin' it live to the crowd,

    The age is 20, I'm from the south!

    Be a part,

    Break my heart.

    Get ready for this,

    Mind your own biz.

    People in the front,

    Show me what you want,

    And I won't give it in..

    Get ready for this!

    We're 2 Unlimited,

    So people won't you sit?

    Movin' up and down,

    Dancin' on the ground.

    Feelin' kinda free; security.

    House is style that moves you from the ground.

    House on the ground, bass in your face,

    Racin' the place, no time to waste.

    Feelin' hypnotised,

    I can see it in your eyes.

    Feelin' kinda better,

    Put on your sweater.

    Feelin' like a white,

    I think it doesn't matter.

    Super, dope, def, and even outrageous.

    If I was an animal, theyd've kept me in cages,

    So get ready for this!

    Ya'll ready for this?

    Step back, relax. Don't you wanna come in?

    When I start rappin' the girlies wanna come in.

    Into my house, into my room,

    That's the part where it goes "boom! boom!".

    Name here is Ray, the group is 2 Unlimited,

    We've got a lot to you, ah yeah and your other crew, if it is


    dream, boom see boom!

    這首歌的確有收錄於電影怪物奇兵 Space Jam (1996) 中,參考:


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