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  • Fanny
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    2. The right person to fill this vacancy. Within on 6 months after the Recruit Permit's message date issued, the labor has to be imported from Thailand, Philippine, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Mongolian. This letter will be void if overdue.

    3. After the foreign worker entered , the esteem department should send him to the hospital that Health Department appointed to do the physical examination within 3 days, and offer the necessary documents within 15 days to the Labors Committee of Executive Yuan to apply for Empoly Permission. This authorization shall cease to be enforceable.

    參考資料: 正確版~勞委會庫
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    二、The you should enlist to admit a letter to deliver a text in the origin for day since in 6 months, from Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Mongolia etc. is in the nation(but through will announce to stop introducing originally excepted) complete foreigner into the national representative continuously, overdue, enlist permission letter to lose its effect originally.

    三、You in enlist of foreigner go into country day since on the 3rd inside, should arrange it to appointed the hospital accept health inspection and notify a local supervisor organization depend on life manage project book to carry out a check, and in that foreigner go into country day since on the 15th inside, enclose and submit the document of provision to will apply for to hire to hire permission originally, overdue, not to admit.

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