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Pattern Analysis 請問誰知道這個意思?20點

Pattern Analysis




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  • Zippi
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    Pattern Analysis 模式分析

    運用電腦為主的科技從事數據分析,來呈現模式提供決策的參考, 可運用於各個學術領域下邊是一統計學的模式分析供你參考,個人所學有限報歉了

    Statistical pattern analysis and its procedure

    by Mitsuo Fujioka1 and Hiroshi Iwai2

    1 Purpose

    When analysing statistical data, the integrated use of several kinds of data often

    facilitates a comprehensive understanding. To take an example, for an analysis of data concerning workers' health, it is necessary to use several indices based on statistical data for occupational injury, occupational mortality, general mortality and working conditions. Nevertheless, it is not easy to analyse several indices simultaneously for integrated use of them.

    On the other hand, the remarkable development of computer systems, in terms of not only hardware but also software, makes possible new and varied methods of statistical analyses. That is to say, by applying developed computer systems to data processing, very complicated statistical methods can now be processed by computer, something which was almost impossible using classical statistical methods manually developed in the past. In fact, easy access to computers in daily life has played a major role in improving overall statistical methods concerning data collection, recording, control, calculation and analysis. Moreover, the popularization of personal computers, including software, has accelerated this improvement. However, it is also true that conducting statistical processes with the help of computers very often needs a considerable degree of specialist knowledge.


    參考資料: ro
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    refer to 精譯Vpower英漢漢英雙向線上字典

    參考資料: 精譯Vpower英漢漢英雙向線上字典
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    Pattern Analysis 型態分析


    n. (名詞 noun)[C]

    1. 花樣,圖案

    2. 形態,樣式;格局

    3. 樣品,樣本

    4. (服裝裁剪的)紙樣,(澆鑄用的)模具

    5. 模範,榜樣,典型[S1]

    6. 模式


    n. (名詞 noun)

    1. 分析;分解;解析[C][U]

    2. 【美】精神分析[U][C]

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  • 1 0 年前

    Pattern Analysis 模式分析

    Pattern Analysis 模式分析

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