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請幫我翻譯 Printing with Plants這篇文章

Printing with Plants

No doubt, you’ve collected leaves at some time, probably on a sunny, fall day. Well, you don’t have to wait until fall to collect leaves! In this activity, you’ll use all kinds of leaves to create interesting pictures by coating them with paint and printing images.

1 Get Ready

Handful of leaves and stems of various shapes and sizes

Two or three small jars of tempera paint.

Two or three paint rollers with 3 inch (about 8 centimeter) rollers.

Two plastic trays to hold paint.

Three sheets of white paper.

2.Do and Wonder

Select one leaf or stem, and lay it on a flat work surface.

Roll a thin layer of paint over the leaf or stem.

Then press it flat on the white paper.

Carefully peel the leaf or stem off the paper, leaving a print.

Repeat these steps again, using other leaves and stems and other colors of paint.

Prepare at least three different prints using various combinations of

leaves, stems, and colors.

Let your prints dry.

3. Think and Write

Write a note that explains how you created each plant print, and attach it

to the print.


Throughout history, artists have used the patterns and textures of natural

objects-such as leaves and flowers-in their work.

Some artists have produced prints and paintings, and others have

created sculptures using natural objects as their models.

In this activity, you used the objects themselves to create a painting!

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    列印與植物疑義, 您未收集葉子某時, 大概在晴朗, 秋天天。很好, 您不必須等待直到秋天收集葉子! 在這活動, 您將使用各種各樣的葉子創造有趣的圖片由給他們套上外套按油漆和列印的圖像。


    (01.)準備好極少數各種各樣的形狀和大小葉子和詞根二個或三個小瓶子tempera 油漆。二或三油漆路輾與3 英寸(大約8 厘米) 路輾。二個塑料盤子拿著油漆。白皮書三板料。



    做和想知道精選的一片葉子或阻止, 和放置它在一個平的加工面。滾動油漆薄層在葉子或詞根。然後按它艙內甲板在白皮書。仔細地剝葉子或抽去本文, 離開印刷品。再重覆這些步, 使用其它葉子和詞根和其它油漆的顏色。準備至少三個不同印刷品使用葉子、詞根, 和顏色的各種各樣的組合。讓您的印刷品乾燥。


    (03.)認為和寫寫解釋的筆您創造了各個植物印刷品, 並且附有它印刷品。記怎麼


    (04.)解釋歷史上, 藝術家作為葉子和flowers?in 使用了自然objects?such 樣式和紋理他們的工作。一些藝術家引起了印刷品和繪畫, 並且其他人創造了雕塑使用自然對象作為他們的模型。在這活動, 您曾經對象創造繪畫!



    我不太確定, 給你當參考!!

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