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    After four years, Cupid has grown up, his vivacious saying: "Aunt ~

    Aunt ~ here green and glossy ~ good attractive oh ~"Venus said that, "You likes Arab League Aunt ~ to Arab League ~

    leading you everywhere oh ~" the Qiu bit say that, "Good Arab League ~

    that we wait look for daddy oh ~ while convenient to buy the ice cream

    to eat! "Venus traces a Qiu bit head: "Good ~ so long as you happy are good! ~

    carefully walked oh ~ not to have to tumble! "Suddenly! The distant place had a monster to flush, originally was the

    herd god 潘恩 in the performance music, but he had not thought he

    could raise monster --- "wind" for to bring in.Thereupon he shouted that, "Is careful! Has the monster! "The at that

    time, scene person Yang Mafan, everybody screams shouted saves a life!

    Their desperately running! Feared meets with a disaster! But that

    怪獸 raises wind very happy shouting that, "Ha ha ~ I finally came

    out ~ to be finally delivered from oppression ~ hateful zeus to close

    me the quite several years,I certainly must well noisy earth-shaking! I have come ~~~ "the

    original this monster fight 300 round monsters at that time with zeus!

    Suddenly, he saw distant place Venus and Cupid, he has flushed, wants

    to say must dismember a body them, Venus saw the strange object plane

    dew ominous light kills, hurried the body on piece of clothes for to

    pull down, tied up on him and a Qiu bit body, he held the Qiu bit on

    to jump toward the water in, because Venus wanted to say: "Perhaps

    this also has the life the opportunity" thereupon 〝 to jump 〞

    jumps, but... The person calculated is inferior to 天算 Arab League!

    Venus and Cupid have not all floated, felt on two person of

    frequencies spatially vanish are same.


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