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不,但我有聽朋友說搭飛機的經驗,如果服務人員能夠快速反應乘客的需求,會讓人有受尊重的感覺。華航是我喜歡的航空公司,因為華航飛機大都很新,餐點很好吃, ,甚至還有特別餐,專門給有疾病或者是宗教信仰的人吃的, 空姐很漂亮也很細心還有我很欣賞國泰的服務態度,我覺得在乘客需求與親切度方面都蠻不錯的,畢竟他們是世界級的航空公司,我的夢想是搭遍全世界各航公司的飛機~希望能實現.



翻No, but I hear my firend to take the plane experience, if the cabin crew can rapid reaction passenger's demand

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    Not exactly, I heard about friends’ experience on plane ride; if the cabin crew could timely respond to the passengers needs, they will feel well-respected. China Airlines is my favorite airline, because of its young fleet and delicacy meals. People appreciate very much for the meals specially prepared for ill passengers and diets for those with different religious beliefs.

    China Airlines' flight attendants are pretty and focus on service details. In addition, I observed that Cathay Airline staffs performed professionally in their service attitude and passenger need fulfillment. It is indeed a world class airline. I hope my dream of flying airlines all over the world will be realized someday.

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    But I have listen to the friend to say the experience of taking the airplane, if the attendant can respond the passenger's demand quickly, be able to let the human have the feeling which respects.

    China Airline is the airline which I like, because China Airline airplane is mostly very new, meal very delicious, , even also has special meal,gives has disease or is specially the religious belief person eats, the stewardess is very beautiful also carefully,also has me to the service attitude of Cathay very much, I thought in passenger demand and unkindness aspect all good, they are the world-class airline after all,

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    Not really, but I have heard from friends who flies on an airplane says that, if the flight attendants can quickly reacts to the needs of the customers, they will feel respected. China Airlines is my favorite airlines, because most of aircraft in China Airlines are fairly new, and the meals are delicious, they even provides special meals for people with illness and for different religions. The flight attendants are pretty and pays attention to details. I also like the service attitude for Cathay Pacific, I think they did a great job on customers need and kind attitude, afterall, they are one of the worldclass' airlines. I dream is to fly all the airlines in the world and their airplanes, I hope it can be a reality.

    **Good Luck!**

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