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1.Worked one on one with customers

2.Closing the first 7-figure piece of business in the company's history.

3.I am looking for a position that would help me build upon these accomplishments in a challenging environment.

4.Sales management position allowing for executive growth, staff management, customer service, and revenue generation skills built over a seven-year career.

5.This site also offers a onetime free trial run to give you a sense of how its tools can help you.

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    I suppose you want it to be translated in Chinese, if otherwise, let me know.

    1. 跟顧客一對一的工作。

    2. 再公司的歷史裡第一個成交七位數的買賣。

    3. 我在尋找一個位子能幫我在一個有挑戰的環境裡建立這些成就

    4. 銷售管理的職位可以在工作七年內建立經營成長,員工管哩,顧客服務,還有收益增加的經驗。

    5. 這個網址也可以提供一次免費的試用,來讓你體驗這個工具將會如何幫你。

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