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求一首歌Foxy的 Hot number

一個老團體 團名是Foxy 曲名是Hot number

請幫我找歌詞 我找好久都找不到

1 個解答

  • Lv 4
    1 0 年前

    HI ^^


    歌名:Hot Number

    專輯:Hot Numbers


    Put your make up on try to fantasize

    It's time to get a little crazy

    Sometimes is good to try it out

    Just like the dreams in your head

    When the heat is on everybody knows

    They're in the mood to be a hot number

    Some dirty talks a mega shock

    To get a zing in your fling

    Midnight rides and dances


    Everybody want's them

    Come and fill my wonders

    Oh, oh, oh, hot number

    If your hips got rhythm youre beyound control

    You've always been a little hot number

    Some would be hots afraid to show

    Don't you know you like to let it go

    Take me if you want

    You should try it once

    Ain't nothing wrong with getting sexy

    A love a days the way to stay

    I wan't to be a hot number


    We want to tear you apart

    We want to get in your heart

    Were hot numbers yeah

    You got that look in your eyes

    We want to get in your heart

    Were hot numbers yeah

    Youre out numbered ooh

    Were hot numbers yeah

    You're out numbered ooh