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    My frequent cold, but whenever my cold time, I all am diligently drink

    the hot water, as far as possible lets the body maintain a better

    condition, or is elects to fold unceasingly lets the oneself multi-

    movements, little stays up late, the normal diet life, compels to have

    already if cold serious, I only then can go looked the medicine eats

    uncooked the medicine, because feared had to eat many bodies to

    realize had the antibiotic nature, therefore or looked after the

    oneself body spot, this appearance was allowed to let the body

    maintain a better condition!


    My frequent cold, however whenever at the time that I caught a cold, I is effort of drink hot water, let the body maintain better condition as possible as it can be, perhaps is choose fold to let continuously oneself exercise much, few sit up, normal food life, have no alternative if the severity for catching a cold, I then would go for a doctor to take medicine, afraid want to eat to have another body to will have a drug-resistant, so still keep looking after own body more to order, can let the body maintain better appearance like this!


    參考資料: 網路字典,自己的饡打!!
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