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Twenty-seven imported fermented fish products from Southeast Asian countries and sold in the supermarkets in Taiwan, including

fish sauce, fish paste and shrimp paste, were tested to determine the occurrence of histamine and histamine-forming bacteria. The

levels of pH, salt content, total volatile basic nitrogen, trimethylamine, and aerobic plate count in all samples ranged from 4.8% to

6.5%, 16.2% to 45.3%, 51 to 275 mg/100 g, 5.4 to 53.9 mg/100 g and 1.0 to 4.2 log CFU/g, respectively. The average content for each

of eight different biogenic amines in all samples was less than 90 ppm, except for histamine which has an average content of 394 ppm

in fish sauce, 263 ppm in fish paste, and 382 ppm in shrimp paste. Most of the tested fermented fish products (92.6%) had histamine

levels greater than the FDA guideline of 50 ppm, while seven of them (25.9%) contained >500 ppm of histamine. Although Bacillus

coagulans and Bacillus megaterium were identified as the two histamine-producing bacteria capable of producing 13.7 and 8.1 ppm

of histamine, respectively, in trypticase soy broth broth supplemented with 1.0% L-histidine, they were not determined to be the main

contributors to histamine accumulation in these fermented fish products.

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    魚醬、魚漿糊和蝦漿糊,被測試決定組織安和形成組織安的細菌發生。 那

    酸鹼質的水準,加鹽於內容,總計的揮發性的基本氮, trimethylamine 和好氧性的碟子計數在被排範圍從 4.8% 到的所有的樣本中6.5%, 16.2% to 45.3%, 51 to 275 mg/100 g, 5.4 to 53.9 mg/100 g and 1.0 to 4.2 log CFU/g, respectively.平均的內容為每個

    在所有的樣本的八個不同的源於生物的胺是少於 90個百萬分之一,除了有 394個百萬分之一的平均內容的組織安以外

    在魚醬中,在魚漿糊、和 382個百萬分之一中在蝦漿糊的 263個百萬分之一。 大部份的測試使魚產品 (92.6%) 發酵有組織安

    消除比 50個百萬分之一的食品藥物管理局指引棒,當他們 (25.9%) 中的七個包含的時候>h 的 500個百萬分之一 coagulans 和桿菌 megaterium 被確認為生產 13.7 而且 8.1個百萬分之一是有能力的二產生組織安的細菌

    組織安,分別地,在與 1.0% L 一起補充的 trypticase 大豆肉湯肉湯中-histidine,他們不決定是主要部份


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