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曾ㄚ姍 發問時間: 旅遊亞太地區台灣 · 1 0 年前



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  • 1 0 年前

    2007 midautumn festival eve, I and my good friend arrives the Taiwan Storyland together, inside fills the flavor which remembers past times, in the Taipei station opposite KMall underground two buildings, has an entire original creation, is Asia biggest, fills in this goes sightseeing in the literary arts display space, 40 year ago Taiwan lives of the people: A Laokay, remember past times the dining room and the movie theater, but also some each one old fellow villagers human affairs prosperous story, is reduces the version the community, looks like oneself lives that time to be again same, we see the most ancient bicycle, the motorcycle, the automobile, but also has the command we to be most surprised has the grocery store which is named, has us to the childhood time memory, clothes which which has which eats the candy, uses the soap, the elementary school puts on, also to have the toy which the childhood played, in the food, the clothes, lived, the good aspect... And so on. All can let in the will of the people have the infinite recollection, the visit story hall not only enables us to be allowed to remember past times, lets us understand the time the change, but also has technical the progress is how fast, travel of the this day-long Taiwan Storyland, lets us play is very happy, also has Man Man the harvest!


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