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小楓 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

有關披頭四的報導 中翻英 (急)

* 不要是用翻譯軟體翻的

* 不要太深奧,盡量簡單易懂

很多歌迷都以為「Let It Be」是披頭四解散前最後一張專輯,最近這張披頭四最膾炙人口的專輯,即將「原音重現」,歌迷才發現1970年大家熟悉的版本,竟是約翰藍儂的「私釀版」,根本沒經過其他團員認同。

「Let It Be」原本叫做「Get Back」,是披頭四想回歸出道時4人編制的單純,內容打算側拍披頭四為暌違3年演唱會彩排過程,當作紀錄片播出,演唱會實況則做專輯發行。不過當時團員感情不睦,常為小事吵架,連演唱會地點都沒有共識,最後錄好的母帶還被丟在一旁沒人理,甚至更晚完成的「艾比路/Abbey Road」專輯都在1969年發行,從「Get Back」改名為「Let It Be」的專輯卻下落不明。

約翰藍儂看情勢混亂,偷偷把母帶交給製作人菲爾史培柯特,完成了弦樂搭女聲的華麗版本,不過「Let It Be」是保羅麥卡尼最自豪的作品,他對這首歌被「整型」得濃妝豔抹並不滿意,因此在時隔34年之後,他一手催生讓素雅的原作重生,讓歌迷有機會聽見最單純的披頭四。


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    A lot of fans all think "Let It Be" is a Beatles to dismiss a front the last album, Recently this Beatles the most very popular album, will soon"the high fidelity re-appear", the fan just finds in 1970 everyone to acquaint with of edition is John unexpectedly"private Niang version" of the blue Nong, wasn't through other member approbations at all.

    "Let It Be" is originally called "Get Back", is the Beatles wants while returning to return a way 4 people establishment of simplicity, the content plan side claps Beatles in order to separate for 3 years, the singing performance dresses rehearsal process, regarding as a record slice to broadcast, the singing performance actual condition then does album issue.However at that time member affection not Mu, often fought for the small matter, connected to there is all no consensus in singing performance locations, record a good mother to bring to still be cast away finally a side the nobody managed, even completing more late of"Ai compare road/Abbey Road" albums all published in 1969, changing name to the album of"Let It Be" from"Get Back" among the missing.

    The John's blue Nong sees situation confusion, bringing a mother to give the Er history Pei of the producer Fei secretly especially, completed Xian joy to take the gorgeous edition of female voice, however"Let It Be" protects Luo wheat card Ni the most proud of work, he to this song was got by"whole" the heavy makeup is gorgeous to put on and be dissatisfied with, so at every 34 years after, he urges to get to let all alone simple and refined of make rebirth at first, let the fan include chance to hear the most pure Beatles.

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